Town Planning Consultants - VCAT Application

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The Task of Town Planners

Town planning consultants are professionals, who offer all types of advice on VCAT planning, development of land, building projects, etc. These professionals handle various projects related to development of land, no matter whether it is about structuring a park, official building, hotels or any other building.

Usually, town planners are associated with building projects, but these professionals are not architects or builders. They make the first planning of land, what kind of structure should be built; type of surrounding should be built, etc. All the structure like restaurants, swimming pools, etc. is planned out carefully by town planners. The consultants also conduct search to know about the market value and feasibility of land development.

Town planning can be defined as a system that describes the use and development of land for building new town or to renovate old structure. This is carried out by calculated planning and favourable utilization of the structure or the space, along with the design of roadways, water, sewage systems, etc.

The whole procedure of VCAT planning comprises of two parts:-

• Formation of a document is required, which deals with different sections such as building lines, coverage, etc. It contains all the control measures, which are applicable to different zones.

• A perfect planning is required that covers all the areas of town planning.

Thus, town planning consultants are experienced personnel, who are mostly hired by government or communities to improve the quality of life by working with them through proper planning for building a structure.